Welcome to the homepage of Luhe-Gymnasium Winsen-Roydorf

The Luhe-Gymnasium Winsen-Roydorf is situated in Lower Saxony, half way between two old Hanseatic cities; the port and main city Hamburg and the old salt city of Lüneburg. The district town Winsen has approximately 33.000 inhabitants and is surrounded by a landscape of wet and heathland. Three rivers determine the picture of the north, namely the Luhe - where the school took its name from, Illmenau and Elbe, whereas towards the south moorlands make a diverse and delightful environment.

Founded in 2004, the Luhe-Gymnasium is a very young school. It is equipped with three computer rooms, overhead projectors, beamer stations, white and active boards and last but not least very modern fitted out rooms. By now a total of over 1.000 pupils attend the Luhe-Gymnasium and they are looked after during the lessons by over 70 teachers. Besides the teachers lots of other people work in the school.

Many parents for example get involved in our Bistro. It offers daily breakfast and healthy, tasty warm lunches. Altogehter the Luhe-Gymnasium is thanks to its pupils, parents, employees and teachers still a school on the move.